torres and berger


Good Lovin' Happy Listen and Lyrics

In Your Dreams Listen and Lyrics

Let the Kiss Go On Listen and Lyrics



We wrote this for a Mardi Gras floor show but it was never produced. It's about how masquerading gives everyone the opportunity to be someone else.

Incognito Listen and Lyrics



These three songs were written to suit the style of girl performers such as pop star, Britney Spears. Each song has themes of independence, strength or even rebellion as appeals to today's teenage girl. The songs were written profiling the experiences and attitudes of three real-life teenagers, resources that have proven to provide a wealth of topics for these voracious songwriters.

I Make My Own Rules Listen and Lyrics

Can You Keep Up with Me? Listen and Lyrics

It's the Thought that Counts Listen and Lyrics


All songs © 2012, Gwynn Torres

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