GulfAlive, our album of children's songs about the creatures and features of the Gulf was a nominee for Best Children's Album in the 54th Gramy Awards.  Hear clips and more at our children's music site, The Banana Plant.

Our second children's album, Treasure Swamp - A Pop Opera, is 22 songs that tell the story of an evil pirate and his plucky monkey who invade the swamp in search of hidden treasure. And they're ready to destroy everything to find it. But they may have underestimated the swamp friends, who join forces to fight for their community. Treasure Swamp - A Pop Opera is a Creative Child Magazine 2013 Preferred Choice Award winner!

Gwynn Torres and Sid Berger are songwriters with established careers in the creative heart of the advertising industry. With a slew of successful ad campaigns to their credit, both have honed the craft of creating for targeted demographics. This craft enables them to write songs for every genre, the same way they have produced print, broadcast and jingle music for a long and diverse list of clients. Throughout their individual career paths, each has continued to write songs for pleasure, eventually meeting and discovering a partnership in their mutual passions for music.

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